Yoto and Claire Bog July 26, 21

Yoto and Claire Bog July 26, 21

Healthy Hair Care for Children With Pure Yoto and Claire Products

 Caring for your child’s hair can be a pitched battle of wills or a beautiful bonding time. Pure and natural Yoto and Claire products and a simple routine can make all the difference.

The Yoto & Claire hair product line – Healthy Hair Cream, Repair and Strengthen Hair Cream, and Moisturizing Hair Cream, all formulated with certified organic, all-natural ingredients – is an excellent foundation for easy, effective hair care for children.

“It’s all about healthy hair,” said Yoto & Clare’s Magda Guillame, “and moisture is essential.”

Starting your child’s healthy hair care journey using these pure, moisture-rich products is simple. Here are the basics:

• Choose a weekend day for weekly care, and let your child know the plan so you are on the same page. Begin by gently washing the hair with warm water and massaging the scalp with a gentle children’s shampoo.

• Rinse it thoroughly, squeeze out excess water – toweling it can cause it to frizz – and apply all-natural Yoto and Claire hair cream to your child’s hair to lock in that all-important moisture. If you notice scalp dryness, apply some there as well.

• For easy, fuss-free detangling, always use a wide-toothed comb. Divide the hair into sections if needed, and begin detangling at the ends of the hair. Slowly work your way up to your child’s scalp using gentle strokes. Patience is key, and will ensure you keep your child’s trust.

• Finish by styling the hair in braids or twists for maintenance and convenience; a neat, fuss-free natural, or whatever look your child loves that week. Always let the hair dry naturally.

• On weekdays, use water from a spray bottle to add moisture as needed when styling, then seal it in using a small amount of your favorite Yoto and Claire hair cream. You can switch up Yoto & Claire hair products with the seasons, or experiment to see which formula works best.

• Customize this routine for your child’s unique hair.

These simple steps and pure, chemical-free Yoto & Claire products will not only keep your child’s locks moisturized, manageable and beautiful, but also teach her how to achieve great results – and love her healthy hair.

Happy Hair Day


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